30 May 2008

We are alive

Last night was a very intense night at our home. Chad, Calla, and I were under the basement steps for around 1/2 hour as strong storms tore through our neighborhood. Our street had lots of damage and our house was included. A house 2 blocks west had no roof left and a laywers office one block east had part of its roof torn off as well. We lost lots of shingles on the south side of our house and a broken window to Calla bedroom. Our mailbox was torn off and Calla's little tikes castle is still missing. My in-laws and other family were there in a hour after it happened and our roof had tar paper covering it again before nightfall. We walked around the neighborhood a bit last night and think that by the look of several trees a tornado was present. The trees are twisted and mangled and not as a result of high winds only. Things could have been much worse and we are very thankful we only had as much damage as we do have. Our call was made this morning to the insurance adjustor and hopefully we will be good as new again soon. Thanks for all of the calls and texts letting us know you were thinking of us. It is hard to believe that this could really happen to my family again. Thankfully we serve an all knowing Father and only he knows the way of our lives.

Here is a part of our roof and the damage it sustained.

Our front porch: notice the crooked railing, the missing mailbox and the broken window

The Stop sign.

Calla's bedroom window...it only broke through the first pane of glass.

The funky clouds around 8:30PM


Charli Ann said...

I am SO glad to hear that you are all safe and sound today. We were also in the basement last night, but no tornadoes touched in Columbus although the sirens did go off. Storms are 10000% more frightening now that I am a mother...
I pray that your experience is a good one and you have no problems with insurance and getting your life and your home back together!

Gavin Robert Wiechman said...

I also am glad that you are alright. We thought about you guys all night long. I hope that everything gets back to normal for your family and the whole town, soon.