11 May 2008

Happy Mother's Day--2008

We wanted to wish a Happy Mother's Day to Grandma Karma, Grandma Julie, Great Grandma Mona, Great Grandma Bernice, Great Grandma Lorene, and Great Grandma Carolyn!!! Any other mother's who are reading this, we also wish you a happy day where you are thanked for all of the great things you do for your children!!!

We also wanted to share some new pics from this week. We have been taking lots of bike rides and Calla LOVES to ride in her cart on Daddy's bike. We also take the wagon to the park to play disc golf quite a bit. Calla spent the night at Grandpa Mike and Grandma Karma's on Friday so that Chad and I could go to a retirement party. She had a great time!! We also went to a graduation party and a birthday party...busy Saturday!!

Chillin in her new car seat.

Posing in the flowers this morning.

Going for a bike ride!!!

Check out Calla's curly hair...this is what it looks like when she gets out of the bath!!!

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Charli Ann said...

look at all that beautiful hair!!!!
Great pictures :-)