18 May 2008

Another week gone by...

Chad and Calla had a great week without me. :-( I learned many new things and definitely will be better at my career b/c of it! I got to see Bodies Revealed which is something I have wanted to see for several years now...AMAZING! It is real human bodies and body parts they they plastify so that people can learn how the body works. Go to www.bodiesrevealed.com to learn more.
We went on a bike ride yesterday and ended up out in a wooded area by a creek and I had my camera, so I took some cool pics!
I also ask that you continue to pray for my friend Stephanie and her mom Cheryl and the rest of their family. Cheryl has surgery tomorrow and will begin chemo a few weeks after that. She has a battle ahead of her, but like many of you she knows Our Maker and He will be with her and her family every step of the way. What an awesome God we serve!
We also had to say good-bye to some friends of ours this weekend. Eric and Amanda are moving to Lincoln and we will miss hanging out with them and becoming better Christians by talking with them.
Have a grand week!

Calla and Elly with our friend Amanda.

Chad and Calla on the path in the woods.

Calla in the tall grass. She fell down and had some scratches on her face...nice job mom.

A family close-up!

Calla on the path...she loved walking around!

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