14 December 2008

Christmas is coming!!

This week Calla has been rather busy entertaining us! Thursday night she helped me make cupcakes. At Target on Tuesday night she saw a cake mix box and kept pointing and saying "Cake, Mama!" so we bought a cake mix and some cupcake liners. She sat so nicely on the counter and stirred rather well. She didn't stick her fingers in to taste it until she saw me do it! Oops!! As soon as they came out of the oven she was at her high chair saying "Sit, cake!" She has ate most of them and enjoys them very much!
Yesterday we took her downtown to see Santa! She sat on his lap for about 1.3 seconds and then wanted off! I decided to kneel beside Santa and hold her and she was ok with that. She did really enjoy the candy cane he gave her though!
Last night at bedtime, Chad and I took her to her room then turned on the fan and night light. I asked for a kiss and she put her finger on my lips and that was my kiss for the night. Chad got a nice big Calla kiss! Then we put her in her bed and covered her up. She then shut her eyes like she was pretend sleeping and said "Night, night! Bye-bye!" We just laughed at her and left the room! She is so silly sometimes!
This morning she wanted to sit at the table and eat another round of breakfast. I told her that she already ate and she needed to go play. She ran across the living room crying and went back behind the couch to her play area. I didn't hear anything for a few minutes so I came over to see what she was doing. She was sitting in a toy crate and gave me the cutest smile! We LOVE every minute we get to spend with this amazing little girl!

Here she is in her crate after she was mad at Mommy!

Laying on the Dora couch with all her things. She carried this crate full of stuff all over the house this morning!

Our attempt at Santa!

Outside Santa's house

Dancing on the table!

This is sad Calla after Mommy took her off the counter when we were done making cupcakes!

Messy face!

Trying to put the batter in the cupcake liner!


Pretending she is sleeping on Daddy's pillow! She was even trying to snore!

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