06 December 2008

Hello Again!

We had a great Thanksgiving with our families! It was nice to go to Deshler for 4 days and hang out with just playing on the agenda! After the long weekend with both families, Calla continues to ask "Grammy go?" over 700 times per day...even our daycare provider was tired of hearing it by Friday. :)
Calla got to go to Disney on Ice: 100 Years of Magic this week. SHE LOVED IT!!! Minnie Mouse has been a favorite for a while now and when Minnie came on the ice Calla was beside herself with excitement...pointing and yelling "Minnie, Minnie, Minnie, Minnie!!" There were over 20 different Disney shows represented during the 2 hour performance and so Minnie would come out between and tell about the next part and Calla would get so excited when Minnie reappeared. We really hope another Disney show comes next year b/c Calla will love to go again!
This week we also did some more home improvement projects. We finally purchased our flat screen TV and so we had to do some rearranging and painting before it could be hung on the wall. Yesterday we worked most of the day and have it really close to finished. We really like it and are happy with our choices!
Like all of you, we continue to prepare for Christmas and can't wait to spend more time with our families. Keep warm!

She enjoyed the Styrofoam from the TV!

All of the prince and princesses represented at Disney on Ice!

Calla enjoying the show!

Calla and Burlynn ready to go to a wedding reception.

Calla's area of the living room

Our laptop table (Chad made it!!) and the furniture with the TV on the wall!

A view with the piano on the other wall

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The Preister's said...

How fun for Calla to go to Disney on Ice!! I hope to take Charli soon! Glad you enjoyed your time in Deshler :-) It was good to talk to you this weekend!!