29 March 2009

La La La La Calla's World

We really enjoyed the warm weather that was here last week. Everyday we were outside with the stroller or the ride on toys. This week we spent much more time indoors playing with the toy store inventory we have on hand. HA! Calla really enjoys telling her dad that he has "nasty feet" and calling him "Chad" rather than Dad! Since I left for a week in February she has decided that he is much cooler than she had previously thought and loves to spend time with him and I...that makes my life so much easier! She has been to Apple Market to shop with me several times over that last few weeks, now when she plays with her food she is "going to Apple Market!" She currently in the bathtub just chatting to herself about anything that comes to mind. It is amazing how much she interprets our interactions with others and tries them out herself on her toys. Last weekend we went to Hastings to see Grandma, Grandpa, Shane and Burlynn. The girls had their pics taken together...way cute! Today our Little B is 3 years old. Hard to believe that she is not the tiny baby with the basketball, but the big girl with the most charming personality! We love you B...Happy Birthday! We have some really exciting things going on the next few weeks so I am sure we will have more pics to share!

She sees the camera and says, "I cheese Daddy!" so then you have to take her picture!

They fell asleep watching "Cake" this afternoon!

After Daddy's birthday cake!

Another shot...yikes!!!

Enjoying eating/playing in the cake!

She had to have all 3 babies in the stroller!

Chad and I were making supper and she went to her room, got a book, sat in her chair, and decided to read to herself!

Currently she is OBSESSED with pockets! This picture shows when she found back pockets for the first time!

Playing outside with her car!

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The Wiechman's said...

How fun! I love all of the pictures! Gavin is also a fan of calling me Gina...don't like it so much, but he calls me mommy after I ignore it for a minute :)