15 March 2009

Our Life...

I'm sorry that I have not posted anything since Calla's party...not quite for sure where time has gone. :)

We have not done too many exciting things since I last posted, but I would like to share a few stories of my little Calla.

#1 One night she really wanted me to come and play in her kitchen with her. I was cleaning up the kitchen after we had supper and she kept asking me to come sit. Finally she came over to the kitchen and was walking around saying, "Mommy Jade, are you? Mommy Jade?" I just burst out laughing...apparently we use her middle name too often that she wanted to add it to mine!

#2 Last weekend we went to the Children's Museum here. Calla was in the Vet Clinic and picked up the phone. The following is her conversation. "Hello!" "Hello B!" "I Calla" "Playing, Children's Museum" "Poopy" "Nasty" "Bye B!" She then hung up the phone and walked away!

#3 Several weeks ago, after arriving home from daycare she was really crabby. I gave her the pink blanket and sat her on the couch to watch Dora. I was going to the kitchen to sit at the table and read my newspaper. She kept telling me "Mommy sit!" and would point at the couch. I said ok and brought my paper to the couch to read while she watched the show. She crawled across the couch and slapped her hand on the newspaper and said "No paper Mommy, Dora!" while she pointed at the television. I sat down my newspaper and started watching Dora!! Then several minutes later Chad came into the room and was asking questions about supper. I started having a conversation with him across the room. Calla once again crawled onto my lap put her finger on my lips and said, "Shhh, Mommy, TV!" So Chad walked out of the room laughing and I sat there and watched Dora!

Chad and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary this last weekend. It is really amazing to know what we have made it to the 5 year mark of marriage already! We both agreed that Calla is the best thing that we have accomplished and really could not find anything that we wish we could do over again. There are wishes we have for the future, but really we are so greatful for all we have at this point and know that HE is in control of our destiny, we are ok just coasting here for a while longer!
To celebrate our big anniversary we went to the big city of Omaha! We took Calla to my parents house on Thursday night and left Friday morning to spend some quality time together. We visited the SAC museum and learned some pretty amazing facts there. Friday night we went to a brewing company in the Old Market and spent time in the pool area of our motel. Saturday we went back to the Old Market and took in an AMAZING show at the Orpheum Theatre. We saw RAIN: A tribute to the Beatles!!! This show was almost indescribable. The looks and sounds of this group were almost like being at a real Beatles concert. We had 2nd row seats, right in the middle and had a great time with those around us. The age span of the audience was interesting to me as well...there were kids as young as Calla and people older than our grandparents. The Beatles really did have some controversial materials and some of it was represented during this show. There were big screens up that played footage of the Ed Sullivan show, to commercials from the time, to clips of actual Beatles movies. The whole experience was outstanding! Plus being at the Orpheum tops it all off!
I hope you have continued to thank Him for all the blessings you have in your life...we sure do everyday!

Chad and I before the show!

She was running away so her picture could not be taken

Riding the Daddy horse!

Once again...running from the camera

She loves to throw things out the top of the ball pit...this time it was Ming-Ming!


The Wiechman's said...

Andrea-I am such a doofus! I had a card bought and everythig for your big anniversary and now I can't find it and well haven't mailed it either! I guess I am just like my mom :)Congrats on 5 years! I can't believe where the time has gone.

I love all the Calla stories too!

Best wishes to the Ripp Family.

The Preister's said...

First of all, you look great in your picture Andrea...still a happy couple after "all these years"!! You've come a long way from the boys throwing a MOUSE on the car while you sat inside on your first "outing" with Chad :-)

Calla has a good imagination, fun stories! I wish I was better at writing quote down on hard-paper! I hope to improve that in the coming months. They say the cutest things that you think you will remember forever, and then all of a sudden its supper and I forgot already, no matter how cute it really was!!!!

Thanks for the nice notes too, you are so positive on the blog all the time. I value our friendship and the honest bond we have as "us girls".

Keep the stories and pictures coming!!

*on a side note I went to visit your blog and accidently hit hte wrong link and went to the blog you follow (lised on your profile page) and it talked about the new nursery and I thought "WHAT....WHERE HAVE I BEEN???!!!!"! ha, it took me about two seconds to realized I was at the wrong blog :-)
PS. happy anniverary too!!

Vinton and Jodi Johnson said...

I'm glad you and Chad had a good anniversary weekend! Congratulations on 5 years of marriage!