25 October 2009

An 89th Birthday Party!

Today we went to celebrate Grandma Bernice's 89th Birthday! Grandma Karma, Papa Mike, Patty, James, Barrie Jo, Uncle Chris, and Charlotte were all there. We we missing Allison and Clara, but hope to see them again soon. We ate lunch together (and cake!) and then went to Grandma's house to take pictures and hang out for a little bit.It was a fun afternoon!

Calla and Baby Charlotte! "Her cousin!"

Grandma Bernice and two great granddaughters!

The Boy's and their daughters!

So, we have lived here 4 years and every year this burning bush will have about 10 leaves that turn red before they all fall off. This year (hopefully our last here!) it has decided to turn a beautiful shade of reddish orange before it shed all of its leaves!

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The Preister's said...

cute pictures! I didn't know that Chad's brother, is it Chris??, had a baby! They will have so much fun together! Do they live around krny too?!!