11 October 2009


Yesterday we celebrated our first snowfall of the season! We had told Calla earlier in the week that it might snow on the weekend. From then on, she was telling everyone that she was going to make a snowman when it snowed. We really thought it would snow just a dusting and we would not be able to make a snowman.

Well, when Calla woke up Saturday morning she had been looking out her window by her bed and was yelling at me, "Mama, I go outside and make a snowman!" It was 7:30 at this point so I told her we had to wait a little bit! We had about 2 inches and it was still snowing! About 9:30 we found our winter clothing and went outside.

She had so much fun running around, learning how to make snow angels, throwing snow at Mommy, and brushing snow off of everything in our yard! I could not get the snow to stick together enough to make a snowman so I was going to make a snow blob and Calla decided it would be more fun to knock it down. HA!

This is a pic of my mums from Friday evening...they were gorgeous!

Here is Calla posing with her pumpkin before the hockey game on Friday evening. Friday, it was about 55 degrees here!

Getting ready to go outside!

Collecting snow to put on the slide. She thought it was so fun to cover the slide with snow and then go down.

Brushing snow off of the sandbox.

All done!

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The Preister's said...

she is so grown up!! thanks for sharing pictures!!