05 September 2011

A Family Weekend

Our family had not all been to Deshler for several months and we decided this would be the weekend! The cousins had a fabulous time together. By Sunday afternoon there were tears b/c mean things were being said (from both girls) and we decided it was time to head back home! HA! Uncle Jeddy was not there, but his Jerzi and her pups were! As always, we ate too much, watched lots of football, played a game, talked, and my Dad worked on the car. Thanks for the fabulous weekend Mom & Dad! We love you!!

Up close and personal with the pups.

An adorable face shot, look at those blue eyes!

When you hold a pup, Jerzi is really sweet about letting you do it. When you start to put it back in the box, she licks your germs off!

The dragon in the Friendship Garden.

Burlynn, Bayln, Calla, & Drake in the gazebo!

The top of the gazebo.

Burlynn & Hula :)

Running through the weeping willow branches.

The church I went to as a child! The only original church building still standing in Deshler!

2752 Flags in Honor of those that lost their lives on September 11, 2001.
Where were you when the world stopped turning?

Calla & Elly in their aprons a sweet lady from church made for them!

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The Preister's said...

adorable pictures!! Oh, cousins!! they are list sisters, but just not quite! We have those bumps in the road with our two girl couins too!! So much fun though, even when the words get out of hand!! Adorable pups - and great pictures! thanks for sharing so I can see your kids grow andrea!! <3

"where were you when the world stopped turning"...I was in Kearney and spent the day in tears because I had no idea what it meant for our future!! I cannot believe it has been 10 years.