27 January 2013

January, 2013

 Our January has been full of fun times! Somehow, we have managed to escape this outbreak of influenza so far, and are so thankful for that. We are just really hoping for another snow storm so we can get outside and do some sledding soon. Drake's vocabulary continues to grow and his understanding of the world makes us wonder how ornery he will become...yikes. Calla has continued to amaze us with her reading abilities and she is already celebrating her 100th day of school this week!

 Drake taking a nap one afternoon on the floor during our Missouri trip!

 He put himself in the corner one afternoon, just to make us all laugh.

 Granny Carolyn and Drake

 Papa Roy and Drake

 The "hairmaine" that Drake was so excited to see!

 Being silly at the motel!

 Trying to get his hair to lay down with a wet washcloth.

 It was too snowy when we arrived back in Deshler on New Year's Eve so we got to stay and celebrate there. Uncle Jed came to entertain us!

 Just a little project I put Chad up to. So much more functional for us. We are still going to paint the shelf the turquoise color from the bathroom. Can't wait!

 Calla's cool fort she made!

 He put this hat on and Calla told him he looked like Uncle Shane. He then wore the hat for the next 2 days and refused to remove it.

 Cheer and Dance Camp--so fun!!

 A before picture of the bathroom and some after pictures! So much better! Love it!!!!

 The sun was too bright in the car for her DS, so she covered up to play!

 Driving the bus at the mall!

 Silly hat

 Each week, Calla gets to check out a book from her school library. She choose these cool dragonfly cupcakes. They were fun!

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