25 December 2012

Christmas 2012

Best Christmas Ever. Seriously, it has been! We got to spread our celebrations out over 4 days and just really take time to enjoy our family and friends.
Calla got EVERYTHING she wanted. Thankfully she has reasonable expectations. Drake LOVED opening gifts and passing them out as well. He is all boy.
We had a great afternoon/evening spending time with my Mom's side of the family. Never anything boring there.
Sunday we celebrated with my parents and brothers. We love to sit around there and shoot the breeze. The topic of conversation is usually interesting, and my poor dad is always getting beat up by my brothers.
Before church, we got to hang with Chad's family. Homemade alcohol and lots of wine make for a good time!
Calla got to participate in her first full Christmas program at church and she did awesome. Drake, well, a 9:00PM start is too much for him at this point. Maybe next year he won't cry during the.whole.program.
Today we just celebrated with our family of four. The children slept in until--that's right Calla does not sleep in. Zip, our Christmas Elf brought her some anti-thumb sucking nasty tasting stuff. Bedtime was not pretty tonight, but we have a great video to show her someday. Could you hear her screaming? Wow.
Calla, Drake and I still get to celebrate with my Dad's family over the weekend and are very much looking forward to that!
We pray that your celebrations were the best you ever had and you took time to be glad for those around you!
Merry Christmas!!

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