10 November 2007

My Mom says that I am growing!

Tonight I saw Calla pull herself up to her feet for the first time! She crawled over her boppy pillow and put her hands on her big musical box toy and then pushed up from her knees to her feet. I am sad, but excited too!
We also got to meet Brenda and Charli today in GI to do some shopping. The girls were so kind to each other! Charli is SO sweet and adorable...I wanted to take her home!
We go to the dr. in a few weeks for her 9 month check-up so we will let you know how tall and what she weighs at that time.

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Charli Ann said...

What a big girl! She is so adorable, but even more so in person! I am glad we got to see you two girls!

I will post a picture of these two on our site next time I get a chance!!