03 November 2007

Our Halloween Adventures

As you all know Calla celebrated her first Halloween this week and she was a penguin! On the 30th we went to the hockey game to trick-or-treat and then she wore her costume most of the game. At daycare they had a Halloween party and she got to wear her costume. The kids and Shirley went on a walk down their street to scare people...the kids told me it worked b/c two people got in their cars and left after they went by!!

On Halloween night we stayed home and answered the door and had only a few visits. :( Next year we plan on taking her out and about. This year we decided that her costume did not fit well in the car seat and she really could care less about the whole idea...it was all about the parents!

This morning she started saying "Mamamamamama" and I couldn't be HAPPIER!!!! Chad keeps getting her her face and saying "Dadadadadadadada" but she is not interested!!!
Here are a few more pics to enjoy!

Here she is sitting like such a big girl before going to daycare one morning!

Here are my teeth!!!

What are these things!?! They are not my feet...are they???

What is on my head!?!?!?!?

Daddy and Calla at the hockey game!

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Charli Ann said...

Andrea & Chad...she is BEAUTIFUL! I love the close up, look at those eyes! I can't wait to see her again, and give her a big hug!

I am sure Charli will love giving her kisses...she got to give Gavin kisses this weekend!!

(she is a kisser!!)