25 November 2007

Where has time gone?

Calla celebrated her 9 month birthday yesterday! We had a good day just hanging out as a family. I have taken soooo many pictures this weekend b/c Calla has been doing so many fun things! She helped me decorate the Christmas tree on Friday and otherwise has been exploring every inch of the house. She has discovered that the fish tank motor vibrates and that vibration feels great on her teething gums. I bought her a vibrating teether, but she prefers the fish motor.
She has also found out that it is great fun to crawl under the coffee table and end tables. Occasionally she gets hung up on the shelf, but for the most part she maneuvers over them quite well!! It is also very fun to crawl under the end table and then under the piano bench and play with the pedals along the way! She also loves to play with all the CDs and DVDs on the shelf. Thanks for checking in on us and we hope that you enjoy this holiday season!

Calla and Mommy before hockey!

Helping Mommy decorate the tree!

Sitting pretty!

Under the coffee table!

Standing up!

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Gavin Robert Wiechman said...

Wow! Such a big girl I can't believe Gavin will be in all that stuff soon.