05 July 2009

4th of July Fun

Our party excitement for the weekend started on the 3rd with the Annual Party at Aunt Stacey's house. (Chad's cousin) Calla enjoyed eating and hanging out with different people. Then when the loud fireworks started she HAD to have her "phones." This would be her head phones from the racetrack! "The fire works at Stacey's house loud and I crabby and put my phones on to cover my ears." At dusk we went to Pam and Dave's to watch the display that is put on by the city. She really liked those fire works and did not have to have the phones.
On Saturday afternoon Calla and I went to my friend's wedding. When they were coming out of the church they let off two loud cannons with streamers. Calla was bawling and yelling that she needed her phones. I kept telling her that they were done, but she still kept her ears covered with her hands.
On the 4th we went to Amber and Andy's and played inside and ate supper. After supper the big boys started the fireworks and Calla was so upset. We even had her phones on and she still would not get very close. We stood back for a while and slowly crept our way up to our chairs and eventually she was a little more ok with them. So hopefully next year she will be a big 3 year old and be a little more comfortable with the noise!

She licked the beaters after we made dirt and worms last week!

Going to Elly's house for the party!

Wearing her 'phones' and hanging out with Daddy!

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