26 July 2009

Our Adventure

Camping. Calla's first experience. Barely fitting in the car. Asking 946 times to 'Go camping!' even though she meant 'Go fishing.' Sunscreen. Swimming in Fort Kearny lake. Building sand castles. Breaking Daddy's sand castles. Walking along the sandy beach. Throwing balls in the water. Walking on the shag carpet like moss covered lake bottom. Sandy girl. Cooking hot dogs on a fire. Eating lots of junk food. Scaring off the ground squirrel who wanted to go in our tent. Fishing. Reeling in a lot of moss. Playing in the tent with Elly. Falling off the picnic table. Ticks. Bug spray. Seeing friends from daycare. Seeing Grandma and Grandpa Ripp. Refusing to use the outhouses. Refusing to use the regular toilet. Being scared of flies. Peeing in the grass. Peeing in the grass because you are told "This is what Dora does." Watching our pregnant man neighbor and his redneck clan. Worried that we need to 'turn the fire back on.' Roasting marshmallows. Eating chocolate. Looking at the stars. Watching the fire burn. Falling asleep in Mommy's arms. Sleeping on the Dora couch in the tent with pink blanket. Sleeping through the night. Waking up asking 'I want to go camping.' Eating white doughnuts. Asking to 'go potty in the grass like Dora.' Going on a 5 mile walk down the bike path. Seeing the burned bridge on the Fort Kearny trail. Riding in a kayak. Fishing with the Dora fishing pole while in the kayak. Eating more junk food than lunch. Repacking the car. Falling asleep in the car on the way home. Sleeping for 3 hours after returning home. Waking up from a nap asking to 'go camping again.' Taking a bath and asking to go to bed at 8:00PM. Great memories. Fun times. Spending time with great friends. Tiring. Plans to go again soon.

Ready to go!

Trying to convince the Mommy's they are both sleeping here.

Our campsite.

Cooling off.

Being silly.

Helping figure out the new two person kayak.

Trying out the new kayak.




Playing with her friend.


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The Preister's said...

what cute pictures!!! sounds like everyone had a great time!! this is such a fun age, and they only get better...hard to believe!!

i need to update pictures from charli's camping adventures last weekend!

hope you are enjoying your time off, I imaging you are getting ready to start the new job soon...how exciting!

The Wiechman's said...

I am still laughing about peeing in the grass like Dora! That is so priceless!

I love the pictures too! Hope all is well with the Ripps!

Anonymous said...

Hilarious!! Sounds like you had fun Proves you dont have to go far! love MOM