31 July 2009

Canning. Open House. Flowers.

Some peaches have been picked and canned. Nine quarts. More to go. Chad helped last night. Today on my own. You can peel peaches without a knife. Who knew? Some person on the internet. Put in boiling water. Then put in ice water. Peel falls off in your hand. Peach has to be really ripe.
House on the market for 71 days. Open house tomorrow. Second open house. Frustration. Different houses on the market now to choose from! First time home owners grant running out in November. Potential!
Flowers blooming. Miracle grow occasionally. Vibrant colors. Weeds gone. Benadryl is my friend. Grass will be mowed soon. By me.

Calla chilling.

Chad working.

Getting prepared.

Boil with skin on.

Ice water with skin on.

Shiny. Skin off.


Boiling jars.


House for sale. Nice. Cheap. Clean. Remodeled. Call. Visit. Buy. Move in.


Black eyed susans? Not sure.



Blue Fescue.

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The Preister's said...

potatoes can be done the same way...I actually watched the "video" on youtube to learn how :-)

good luck with the house!