02 November 2011

Children's Museum

We finally renewed our pass to the Children's Museum. It ran out this summer, but we wanted to wait until Drake could enjoy it just a bit more before we started going more often. Calla was SO EXCITED that her brother could enjoy most exhibits just as much as her. I am sure we will be making weekly trips once again, especially now that the weather is colder!

Drake had a blast hanging out in the Toddler Zone discovering all there is to find there!

Calla was checking out all of the bugs.

A really cool puzzle with lots of doors to open.

The both LOVED playing this xylophone together! Yeah for them getting my musical genes! :)

The slide on the new Space Ship that just opened last week!

He thought these clouds were pretty awesome and that he should climb right in there with them!

Heading in the Escape Hatch on the Space Ship.

Riding the John Deere!!!!

Inside the Space Shuttle. It has tons of buttons to push and has real sounding astronauts that speak when you push certain buttons!

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