12 November 2011

Happy Fall Y'all

What a BEAUTIFUL last few days we have had here! After school, we came home and played in the back yard for an hour and today too, we got outside for a family walk and some backyard fun. We LOVE our backyard and all of the fun things we can do while out there. The last few weeks we have been working on raking up needles from the 7 pine trees out there, we love their privacy, but hate their clean up. We finally got the garden area cleaned up as well. Thankfully we have fun things for the children to do while we work.
Drake has had so.much.fun exploring the yard now that he is so mobile. He just had to check out all the fun places to play! He loves to swing and especially likes it when Calla pushes him! He does not put so many things in his mouth now so it was a bit easier to let him roam around!
Calla really enjoys swinging or playing in her sandbox. Drake was so interested in the playhouse that she was not interested b/c of that! HA! It will be fun to see what a mess they will be next summer when they can play in the sand and dirt together! I can't wait!
But first, bring on the cold weather and snow...eventually!

He loves to watch t.v. when drinking his bedtime bottle and lounge in his chair!

A bit crazy at times...

He loves to climb up on Calla's bed and jump while sitting! He does also like to stand and jump, but we only allow biscuit jumping here!

Calla had to sit with him for a picture too!

He also knows how to turn backwards and climb off of the things he climbs on to!

Calla was so serious while playing in the sand. She was making cupcakes and adding sprinkles to the top!

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